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The king james only movement asserts that the king james version of the bible is superior to all other english translations. Adherents, largely from. The original king james bibles. This is the original bible printed in. It is the first of a long line of king james.

Iii to the most high and mighty prince james by the grace of god king of great britain, france, and ireland defender of the faith, c. Free christian audio on the internet. Links to mp3, real audio and windows media audio. Free downloads and online listening.

The king james version. Also known as the king james bible. Or simply the authorized version. Is an english translation of the christian. Edition, king james version. John r kohlenberger iii, alfred w pollard. Shipping on qualifying offers.

Why the king james bible is the word of god. King james version, edition. Hendrickson publishers. Shipping on qualifying offers. Th anniversary edition.

King james version bible app. The king james bible was first published in. However, william tyndale translated the first bible into english in. King james version, an english translation of the bible published in. Under king james i of england.